Become the Parent YOUR KIDS DESERVE

An 8-Week Conscious Parenting Mastery Program

An 8-week journey to discover a calm, considered approach to parenting that reduces your stress and anxiety, creates a closer, stronger relationship with your kids and allows parenting to be a fun and fulfilling experience.

From the moment your child is born, your life will change forever. You take your baby home with you from the hospital anticipating an amazing life with your child.

However, when you become a parent, you are going down a bumpy road that includes many ups and downs. Your kids will throw tantrums, argue and fight with you, there will be moments when they appear to be unappreciative of anything you do, and there will be power struggles, name calling and withdrawals.

Parents often react on the spot in anger, frustration, with shouting and yelling that only damages their relationship with their kids.

  • Do you struggle to understand your children resulting in constant arguments?
  • Do you feel like you are unable to communicate with your children at a deeper level?
  • Are you constantly living in a stressful home environment?
  • Are your children constantly fighting with each other?
  • Do you want to make your relationship with your children even better?
  • Do you struggle to gain the respect of your children?
  • Are you scared of giving your children the childhood that you had?

Experience the transformation that occurs when you begin to parent consciously.

You will be parenting in a calm, considered manner that reduces your stress and anxiety to create closer, stronger relationships with your kids.

Parenting will be the fun, rewarding, experience that you should be experiencing.


From picking up toys, shopping time or bedtime to doing work around the house, homework or coming home late The Conscious Parenting Mastery Program will provide you with the tools to calmly deal with any parenting situation that you may encounter.

You will also learn how you are currently parenting and the triggers that are subconsciously controlling your behaviour. Instead of focusing on your child's behaviour; you will begin to understand why your child is misbehaving and how to address those reasons, how to change your own behaviour to affect change in your child and produce choices or consequences that make your child responsible for their decisions.

The more you begin to parent consciously, the more you will have fun and enjoy your role as a parent and the time you spend with your kids. Both you and your children will develop a great respect for each other and a closer, stronger relationship that will develop further as your child grows.

What You'll Discover in These 8 Weeks

Each weekly LIVE teaching and training session will build upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to parent consciously. Your child will experience a transformed parent who is much calmer and considered in their actions, less stressed and able to enjoy the time they spend at home.

You will benefit by:

  • Being more understanding of your child's behaviour
  • Understanding how changing your behaviour can affect change in your child
  • Having a new calmness in everything you do as a parent
  • Removing the stress and anxiety that once may have surrounded your parenting
  • Being able to handle any parenting situation that arises
  • Being able to plan for parenting situations before they even happen
  • Developing closer, stronger relationship with your child
  • Developing a closer, stronger relationship with your partner
  • Being able to have fun and enjoy your role a parent

You will be able to set boundaries for your child in a quiet, calm manner so that they grow into a well-rounded, caring and thoughtful individual.

Session One

A New Approach To Parenting

During this session you’ll discover:

  • An introduction to the course and the resources that you have available to ensure that you are successful on your journey to becoming a conscious parent.
  • The previously accepted parenting methodology and why it is ineffective
  • What it means to parent consciously
  • The steps involved in parenting consciously
  •  The benefits to you as a parent and to your family as a whole
  • Why as a conscious parent it is so important to focus your attention on understanding your child


Session Two

Understanding Why Your Child Misbehaves

During this session, I’ll be sharing:

  • Why your child displays disruptive behaviour?
  • The differences that the position of your child within the family makes
  • Why each of your children will be very different from each other
  • What your child is trying to achieve through their misbehaviour

Session Three

Recognising and Acting on the Four Different Types of Misbehaviour

During this session, you'll discover:

  • The four different types of misbehaviour
  • Attention seeking, Demonstration of Power, Withdrawal and Revenge
  • What your trying is trying to achieve with each of these behaviours
  • What your action should be to reduce the impact of these behaviours on your family
  • How you should address the underlying issues that have resulted in this misbehaviour

Session Four

Changing Your Behaviour

In this session, I'll be sharing:

  • The understanding that the only person you can change is yourself
  • Forcing your child to do something will not change them or their behaviour
  • Changing your behaviour can affect change in the behaviour of your child
  • Understanding the power behind your Parenting Journal
  • How to analyse your Parenting Journal to determine your Parenting Trends
  • What your parenting trends will reveal about your parenting
  • How you can start to change your behaviour in relation to the parenting trends you have discovered

Session Five

How Subconscious Triggers Are Impacting Your Parenting

During this session, you'll discover:

  • What is a trigger
  • The effect your triggers could be having on your partner and kids
  • The different types of triggers that could be impacting your parenting
  • Examples of triggers
  • How the Parenting Journal and Parenting Trends will make you aware of your triggers
  • What steps you can take to minimise or remove triggers that are affecting your behaviour
  • What is your Action Plan and how is it used
  • The power behind the Action Plan
  • Planning for parenting events that are to occur in the future

Session Six

Stress Free Choices & Consequences

During this session, I’ll be sharing:

  • The difference between punishment and  a choice or consequence
  • How a choice is different from a consequence
  • What age groups are most appropriate for the use of a choice or consequence
  • Why it is important to have given consideration to the choice or consequence before delivering it your child
  • The advantage to creating an Action Plan in the delivery of a choice or consequence
  • Why it is important to create a choice or consequence that is closely related to the issue at hand
  • How to remain calm when it is necessary to provide a choice or consequence
  • The reason why you can not engage your child in any debate or argument over the choice or consequence
  • Why this approach is so beneficial to your child as they grow up
  • The importance of placing the decision making process in your child's hands
  • The importance of allowing your child to understand that they must accept the consequences of any decision that they make

Session 7

Further Aspects To Conscious Parenting

During this session, you'll discover:

  • Why it is so important to take care of yourself and your relationship with your partner
  • What you can do on a daily basis to nurture your relationship
  • Why it is so important to be a couple and not just mum and dad
  • A range of different calming techniques that you can use if the occasion arises
  • The importance of looking at the positives in your child instead of focusing on the negatives
  • It does not help your child's development if you only point out their mistakes
  • Comparing your kids can be really damaging since they will be doing it naturally themselves
  • Three ways to correctly encourage your kids

Session Eight

Pure Coaching & Question Time

In this session, there is the opportunity:

  • For you to ask any questions regarding the mastery program at all
  • For you to ask any questions regarding behaviour that you may be experiencing at home
  • For you to ask any questions related to parenting.

This is the last session of the mastery program, but I will make myself available to you via phone or email if any further issues arise.


What's Included in The Conscious Parenting Mastery Program

  • 2

    Over 30 Videos, Audio Recordings and PDF Transcripts Included

    Each section of the mastery program includes a video, audio and transcript.

  • 3

    Activity Sheets

    Each section comes with an activity sheet that you can download and complete in your own time. Each activity sheet reinforces the content taught in the video and allows you to apply it to your family.

  • 4

    Parenting Journal

    The Parenting Journal is key to recognising what is actually happening in your home. It will allow you to record events after they have happened so you can analyse the event and learn from it in the future. The parenting Journal will also allow you to notice trends in your behaviour and modify those trends so that they do not affect the way in which you interact with your family.

  • 5

    The Parenting Action Plan

    The Parenting Action Plan is a great tool that allows you as a parent to look at past events that are likely to reoccur and produce a plan to deal with the situation when it reoccurs. The really exciting use of the Action Plan is that you can detail how you will handle events before they even happen.

  • 6

    Case Studies

    The mastery program will also include a number of common scenarios that happen across a number of age groups and how you could approach each situation as a conscious parent. These case studies will continue to added to and as a member of the program you will have access to them all.

  • 7

    Email Access

    In addition to the group coaching you will be able to email me with any questions that you might have regarding the mastery program.

I’m creating this course to bring this information to many, many more people in a powerful way. So I am setting the tuition at a level that is much lower but still respects the value of the content.

So I have priced the 8 Week Conscious Parenting Mastery Program—at just over $20 a week. These are parenting strategies you can use to improve the rest of your life and that of your family.

And you can try out the mastery program risk-free for 30 Days. (See my Guarantee below.)

The registration fee for 8 Week Conscious Parenting Mastery Program is just one easy payment of $197 . 

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