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Can you imagine a day that goes happily by without a single issue with your kids? It is possible because I have done it and you can to.

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6 Lessons All Fathers Should Learn

Date: 31/7/2014    By: John Edwards

Like many people in the world my upbringing was far from perfect with an alcoholic father and a traumatised but loving mother raising me. It could be assumed that after such a turbulent childhood I would have been a great father, but this was unfortunately not the case.

dadMy own parenting spiralled out of control when I lost my temper and nearly hit my own child. At that point I knew that it was time for me to become the parent that my children deserved me to be.

My father is of the old school “Do as I say” and “kids should be seen and not heard” mentality which was only made worse by his drinking problem – this was the only parenting style I knew.

At 23 I married Sally 21 and we had our first child. At that time I could not even hold a drink in my hand because I shook so much from my upbringing. We soon had two more kids.

I struggled with my demons from my childhood and struggled as a parent. I would yell, smack and lose my temper over silly things that my children said or did.


3 Keys to Conscious Parenting

Date: 29/7/2014    By: John Edwards

Not all of us are lucky enough to have positive life experiences and parenting does not come with a manual. We make it up as we go along.

My passion is now to provide practical steps for parents to follow so they can become conscious parents who react in a calm, considered manner, which reduces stress and allows them to have a fun, rewarding and fulfilling time as a parent.

parent consciouslyThe origins of conscious parenting

It is difficult to determine who actually coined the phrase ‘conscious parenting’, but it has certainly grown with our current focus on consciousness, whether that be in relation to parenting, relationships, business, animals or the environment.

Conscious parenting appears to have been influenced by Alderian psychology, which posits that the success of families rests primarily on mutual respect.

The Secrets to Stopping Shopping Tantrums

Date: 18/7/2014    By: John Edwards

How often have you taken your toddler by yourself to the shopping centre and it has become a nightmare? 

It is a situation that mums frequently find themselves in and it is not pleasant to deal with. Not only are under pressure as a mum, but you now have other customers staring at your child and you believe they are silently judging your parenting abilities.

 How can you change this situation?

Quite often very simple measures can be taken, but it does require you to be a conscious parent. A conscious parent is one that considers parenting situations in advance and determines the best course of action. You do not want to be dealing with a screaming child in the supermarket if you have not previously developed some strategies.

 Why is your child behaving in this manner?

Most often toddlers will cry, scream or generally act inappropriately at places like the supermarket so that they can gain your attention. You are shopping and not focusing on them and as toddlers they have not developed the intellectual ability to tell you of their concern and so they take the only course of action they know that will produce results.

How to Maintain a Strong Relationship While Being Parents

Date: 18/7/2014    By: John Edwards

As a parent it is often the case that you forget about who you were and replace it with your role as a provider, parent and partner. It is really important that when you have kids and are in a relationship that you take time out for yourself.

It is also equally important that as a partner in a relationship that you do not forget that you most likely came together before your kids and that there was a connection between you both that should remain in front of everything else. All to often we forget that we are people in a relationship and begin to think of ourselves as only ‘mum’ or ‘dad’. This change in our perception can be dangerous and lead to difficulties in your relationship and that usually translates into difficulties with your kids.

You must make a real concerted effort to maintain and strengthen who you are and your relationship throughout the time that your kids are at home.

Some suggestions that you could incorporate as an individual:

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