Are You Tired Of Struggling With Your Kids?

Can you imagine a day that goes happily by without a single issue with your kids? It is possible because I have done it and you can to.

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Parenting Products

The Weekly Parenting Checklist

The Weekly Parenting Checklist is a report that presents 20 parenting actions that you can implement immediately that will impact on your child’s behaviour and the relationship that you have with them.

Unlike the free version found in the Resource Section, this is a complete checklist. It includes a wide variety of examples of how you can implement each of the 20 actions found on the checklist, so that you can start making changes immediately.

In addition, it includes an Audio version of the workbook so that you can listen at your convenience. As a bonus, a spreadsheet is also provided so that you can track your progress with the checklist, noting what worked and what did not.

What do you have to lose? Nothing at all, you can only make your home a happier place for all by downloading and putting into action this checklist.

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"Complete" Weekly Parenting Checklist for $7.95

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The Goal Setting Blueprint for Adults

The Goal Setting Blueprint for Adults is a complete strategy for effective goal setting. No more writing a goal on a piece of paper and occasionally reading it. This blueprint is a complete set of steps that you follow to identify your goals and describe them in a way that will bring them to life. It is not enough to write goals, but they need to be visualised, described in detail with all the senses.

If you want to set goals for how you parent or your life in general then The Goal Setting Blueprint for Adults is a must, especially at the price of a coffee.

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Goal Setting Blueprint for Adults for $5.95

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The Conscious Parenting Mastery Program

Do you want less fights, arguments and confrontations with your kids? Do you want to remove the stress and anxiety from your parenting? Do you want to not only survive parenting, but actually have an enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding experience? Or would you just like to become an even better parent? If you answered, yes, to any of these questions then you should start this great program.

It will take you through the three stages of conscious parenting; understanding your child and why they behave as they do, monitoring your own parenting, identifying trends and making changes so that all the anxiety and stress is removed and being able to create choices and consequences that place the decision making in the hands of your child no matter what their age.

The Conscious Parenting Mastery Program is an online course that you can undertake at your convenience. It consists of over 30 videos, action sheets, transcripts and audio files. This is not a theoretical course, each video contains actions that you can take immediately. The program is constantly being added to with additional videos to assist your parenting. It also includes 24/7 email support for any questions or difficulties you might be experiencing.

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The Conscious Parenting Mastery Program for $197

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One-on-One Coaching

I have some spots available for one-on-one coaching. The coaching will conducted via Skype or if preferable by phone. It is more if effective if both parents can attend the coaching session. Each session will be recorded so that you can review it at your convenience.

If you are interested then please send me an email to and include your name and contact details. I will get back to you to have a chat and see if you think it is something you would like to proceed with.


Teen Products

The Teen Goal Setting Blueprint

The Teen Goal Setting Blueprint is an online course composed of nine sessions that is designed for kids aged between 11 and 20. It is designed to make goal setting a fun process where kids learn to visualise, describe and express the emotions that they will feel when their goals are achieved.

If you have ever had trouble getting your kids to focus on their schoolwork or would they to give them a method for setting goals to get through school and beyond then get access to the blueprint.

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Student Mind Power eBook

Student Mind Power has been a published hard copy book, but is now available as an eBook. This is an awesome book that I wrote many years ago when I was a high school teacher. It is written in a simple language that a teenager will relate to and introduces them to the idea that what they focus on at school and in life is what they will create. The book describes a number of ways that a teen can change their mindset to create great results at school. At the end of each chapter are activities for your teen to complete.

If you want to see your tween or teen, change their mindset and approach to school and everything they do then do them a favour and get a copy of Student Mind Power.

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***Homework eBook***

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***Teen Interview Series***

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*** Financial Literacy for Teens ***

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