Are You Tired Of Struggling With Your Kids?

Can you imagine a day that goes happily by without a single issue with your kids? It is possible because I have done it and you can to.

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Getting Started

Whether you have been a parent for many years or you have just had the joy of bringing your baby home from the hospital this is a great place to get started.

I want to give you a very quick overview of what is means to me to parent consciously:

Step One

The first step is to begin to understand why your child behaves as they do. Contrary to how many of us feel at times as parents, our children do not deliberately go out of their way to  make our lives miserable – there is always a reason for their behaviour.There are four main reasons for a child’s behaviour and once you understand and begin to address those reasons then the occurrences of misbehaviour reduce greatly.It is important to change your focus from discipline to understanding situation is occurring and then dealing with it. Please do not misinterpret my words and think that I am suggesting you do not discipline your child because consequences for actions are very important, but it equally important how they are delivered.

Step Two

The second step is monitoring your behaviour and that of your child to determine trends in the way that you parent. You see it is very important that you understand how you have been reacting to your child. I will help you determine those trends and you might find that you are over reacting to many situations, that you are frequently yelling or using language that is not helping the situation, you are likely to find that there are triggers that are setting off your behaviour.Once you know what is happening with your parenting then you can take steps to change so that react in a calm manner to all circumstances. So that you can diffuse a situation, take the charge out of it before it escalates as it might have done in the past.There are tools that I will show you that can be used to plan for events that will happen in the future so that you are fully prepared and know exactly how to react. This still excites me.

Step Three

The third key is to know how to create choices and consequences that relate to the issue at hand and make the decision making process the responsibility of your child.It makes a huge difference to you as a parent when you can provide a choice or consequence and leave it at that. If your child does not follow the correct path then the consequence is undertaken without any comment since it was already stated and your child has made that decision.This can be followed from toddlers through to teens.



What To Do Now?

Step 1: 

Download the Weekly Parenting Checklist since it is a great place to start implementing some quick and easy actions that will see an immediate change in your child's behaviour and the relationship you have together.

Click Now on the following Link: Weekly Parenting Checklist

Step 2:

When you are ready for the next step take a look at my Conscious Parenting Mastery Program. It will take you through each of the three stages we discussed above. It includes over 30 videos, action sheets, transcripts, audios and email support.

Undertake this program at your convenience, when the kids have gone to bed or listening to an audio on your way to work.

This program will transform your parenting. It will take all of the anxiety and stress out of your parenting allowing you to calmly deal with any situation that arises.  I will be there to help you along the way.

If you want a happy home, close relationships with your kids and for parenting to be a fun, rewarding experience then you need to undertake the Conscious Parenting Mastery Program.

Click Now on the following link: The Conscious Parenting Mastery Program

Step 3

For me to work with you one-on-one so that I can look at your situation and together we will transform the situation that you are currently facing at home into one where you are again enjoying being a parent.

If you would like to discuss one-on-one coaching then please drop me an email that includes your phone number to: and I will give you a call.